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About Us

Server rentals company

Massive savings and better cash flow management from a server rentals company

We developed Unix Rentals to offer a more tailored Hewlett Packard solution for the server rentals market. Whether you are an existing HP Partner requiring creative assistance or an existing HP user who feels that HP no longer looks after you the way that they used to, you can trust that the team at Unix Rentals will. You can read more about Unix Rentals as a server rentals company here.

Why spend in the region of £150,000 on server hardware such as a HP9000 superdome which quickly depreciates when you could rent the equipment for a fraction of the cost. Read more about the benefits using a server rentals company here.

Renting server hardware means you are able to constantly upgrade the hardware to ensure you have the latest technology without the high capital expenditure - much like a company car. Read what some of our recent customers have to say about the benefits of working with us here.

We know it started in a garage but HP was all about its people and even though we now have many technological advances, people still deal with people. To this end, we at Unix Rentals believe that by talking clearly and openly, we can create a solution that will suit your business and budget better than many of the proposals in the market today. As well as our core rentals service, we also offer an ex-rentals product range, which you can read more on here.

Our clear talking and non-complicated approach has led to clients agreeing to use our services whether they are using us for our core rental solutions and installing something like a PA risc server or just to review existing proposals and being objective about areas that they are unclear. You can also view a brochure of our current stock here.

Some of the hardware available from us includes: integrity superdome, HP9000 superdome and risc processors. Read some recent case studies of how we have helped reduce costs for businesses.