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PA Risc Servers


The following PA risc servers are available:

A400, A500
D370/1, D370/2, D380/1, D380/2, D390/1, D390/2
K380, K460, K570, K580
L1000, L2000, L3000
rp2400, rp2470
RP5430, RP5450, RP5470, RP3410, RP3440, RP4440
RP7400, RP7410, RP7420, RP7440, RP8400, RP8420, RP8440
PA Risc Server



Unix Rentals have been supplying PA risc servers for over 15 years - from the older generation HP/UX10.20 servers to the latest Superdome range. Unix Rentals have the experience and proven ability to cater for all requirements.

We supply not only complete configurations, but also individual components and are by far the largest stockist of PA risc servers and associated peripherals in Europe. Rental prices start at £100 per month.